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Yoshimura CB400 Titanium Blue Full System Exhaust

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Brand: Yoshimura

Part number: YM 110-452A5381B

Availability: Delivery 2 ~ 6 weeks upon confirmation of order.

Our Price:
SGD$ 1650.00 w/GST

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  1. Question: Im having some though and i heard some rumours that cb400 yoshimura full system exhaust pipe and yoshimura end pipe is not legal isit true? Im riding cb400 boldor currently. If you can clarify with me about this rumours cause im would like to purchase a full system exhaust pipe for my bike.
    zulkaffi Yunos Jul-09-2014

    Answer: Hi Zulkaffi Yunos, Thank you for your enquiry. I'm please to quote you the price for yoshimura full system stainless steel $1300.00, Titanium Blue $1650.00. Both ready stock & It's street legal for your ride. Alvin (62925578)

  1. Question: I am concerned with the maintenance of the Titanium Blue full system. Is Yoshimura Stain-Magic compatible with both the headers and the end can? Or do I have to buy some special cleaning agent?
    Fye Kay Jun-27-2015

    Answer: Hi Fye, No particular maintenance required for the Titanium Blue full system exhaust. Thank you (Daphne 62925578)

  1. Question: Is this exhaust still in production? Interested in buying this instead of the tri cone
    Firhan Nov-04-2015

    Answer: Hi Firhan Kindly provide your bike reg. no for us to check. Thank you (Daphne 62925578)

  1. Question: Is this the tri oval or round exhaust?
    Fahmy Jul-28-2016

    Answer: Hi Fahmy, Round Cone Exhaust. No ready stock, need to order. Thank you Daphne 62925578

  1. Question: Can fix on spce 3 FBA1767K. how much it cost and is the installation include?
    Monteiro Dec-06-2016

    Answer: Hi Monteiro, Honda CB400 Vtec Yoshimura Full System Stainless Tri-Oval Exhaust: $1300.00 with installation. Honda CB400 Vtec Yoshimura Full System Titanium Blue Tri-Oval Exhaust: $1650.00 with installation. Thank you Daphne

  1. Question: Can this be fixed on my revo?
    muhammad Asyraf Dec-16-2015

    Answer: Hi Asyraf, Kindly provide me your bike reg. number I'll check for you Thank you (Daphne 62925578)

  1. Question: Hi can this be fixed on revo 2014? fbk6706b
    bob Sep-22-2016

    Answer: Hi Bob, Yoshimura R77 Stainless Steel w/ Carbon End Cap: $900.00 Yoshimura R77 Titanium w/ Carbon End Cap : $950.00 Yoshimura R77 Titanium Blue w/ Carbon End Cap: $1000.00 Price quoted includes installation. No ready stock, need to order. Thank you Daphne 62925578

  1. Question: hi can this be fix on spec 3 fy1918t?
    Ridzuan May-08-2017

    Answer: Afternoon Ridzuan, Yes. It's approved street legal exhaust for your bike model. Please contact (Izz)92278999 for more information. Thank you.

  1. Question: last question is the item instock ? and do i pay first or i need to wait the item to be instock than i can buy ?
    Ridzuan May-10-2017

    Answer: Morning Ridzuan, Incoming shipment, somewhere this month. You may deposit 50% at our branch to place an order. Please contact (Izz)92278999 for arrangements. Thank you.

  1. Question: hi , i have a stainless steel yoshimura tri oval full system and the headers is badly dent. do you sell the header here and how much it cost just the header only ? thank you
    fadhil May-17-2017

    Answer: Hi Fadhil, Please contact Izz (92278999) for assistance. Thank you.

  1. Question: hi, i currently having MORIWAKI full exhaust system. is there such thing as to off-set the price of the yoshimura stainless steel full system for my spec3 FBK6996E?
    Muhammad Indra Jul-17-2017

    Answer: Afternoon Indra, Sorry, we don't do trade ins for exhaust system. Thank you. (Izz)92278999

  1. Question: Hi. Is the titanium blue still instock?
    Azriq Aug-02-2017

    Answer: Hi Azriq Will get back to you after confirmation stock availability. Can i have your contact number to call or message. Thank you Mj 92718999

  1. Question: If i want end can only,do i need change air filer? Im not sure as some say need to. Im looking at titanium blue.
    Khairuddin Oct-28-2018

    Answer: Afternoon Sir, It will be better to have an aftermarket high flow filters to go with your exhaust system. Thank you. (Izz) 92278999

  1. Question: How long will it take to install full sysytem?
    Khairuddin Nov-01-2018

    Answer: Evening Sir, Item will take less an hour to install. Thank you. (Izz) 92278999

  1. Question: Hai may I know exactly on how to know if my cb400 can install yoshimura exhaust?
    Hafeez Dec-24-2018

    Answer: Afternoon Sir, Please, WhatsApp (Izz) 92278999 your vehicle log card for more information. Thank you.

  1. Question: Hai is there any legal full system r77 for cb400 revo?
    Hafeez May-30-2019

    Answer: Afternoon Sir, Yoshimura no longer has legal full system for revo. You may consider Moriwaki Shorty Full System instead. -$1550 Price inclusive of exhaust header gaskets. Thank you. (Izz) 92278999

  1. Question: Hi , is my bike legal for any full system ? FBB 4205 R , spec 3
    Muhammad Azry Nov-05-2019

    Answer: Afternoon Sir, Please contact (Izz) 92278999 for available choices. Thank you.

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