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Brand: KTM

Bike Code: K-2R

Our Price:
SGD$ 21500.00 w/GST

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  1. Question: Hi I'm interested for the RC200,how much it will cost,I'm 27,just converted to Singapore license? If I want to do installments,how much the interest and can how long the tenure?and do I need a guarantor?
    fandi Jan-27-2015

    Answer: Hi Fandi, Hire purchase scheme is only available for singapore citizen. You can go for 0% credit card installment scheme. OTR price will be $16,927.00 based on your information provided.

  1. Question: Hi, im 22 and just got my 2b license. how much would it cost me to get this bike on the road?
    Jonathan Feb-13-2015

    Answer: Hi Jonathan, Please refer to attached price list for self explanatory. Price quote base on your age & riding experience that includes insurance premium top up. You can contact me at 81888999 (Alvin) if you need further assistance. Thank you.

  1. Question: at which branches is this bike available for viewing at?
    Paul Apr-02-2015

    Answer: The KTM RC200 is available for viewing at our Serangoon Showroom. 1007/1009 Serangoon Road Singapore 328168. Tel: 63415378

  1. Question: Hi, may i check the total engine price for ktm rc 200 to be OTR ? & the insurance premium quote . 25 years old & have 5 years of riding exp
    YiYang Aug-05-2015

    Answer: Hi YiYang... thank you for your enquiry & information. From your age & riding experiences your insurance quote will be $615 for Third Party Fire & Theft. In total bike with insurance top up will be $19259.00 OTR. If you do need further assistance do contact mi BEN @ 9868 8999 / 63415378.

  1. Question: I walk-in today afternoon and interested in this bike...ill be heading down end of this month or early much do i have to 24 yo going 25...i didnt listen well...he said something about having to top up $1057...and will i have to wait for paperwork to be done or can i get the bike on the day of purchase?
    kin May-13-2015

    Answer: Hi Kin, Thank you for your interest. For the top up it should be the insurance premium as our OTR price is inclusive of 31yrs old above with min. 1 year riding exp. For our In-House Finance, a guarantor is needed. we will need to submit your guarantor and your document for approval. It may takes about 3 to 5 working days to process. For our credit card 0% installment scheme, you may collect the bike on the day of purchase if you come in the morning. Alternatively, you may want to drop by and make a deposit to reserve the bike at the current selling price as the COE is increasing and also to avoid disappointment of the stock. Do give me a call if you need any further assistance. You can reach me @ 97678999 / 63415378 (chang) Regards Chang

  1. Question: Hi. Im interested with this bike. Can i have a breakdown of cost for credit card, your inhouse finance and cash? Im 33yrs old with 3yrs driving riding ex. How much will be the insurance? Thank uou
    Michael Jan-30-2016

    Answer: Hi Michael, Thank you for your interest. For the KTM RC 200, is currently selling at $19,400.00 OTR inclusive of 31 years old and above with minimum 1 year riding exp insurance coverage. For our In-House Finance, minimum downpayment will be $2,910.00(15% of the selling price) and 5% interest per annum. Should you require any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me at 97678999 / 63415378 (Chang). Thank you Regards Chang

  1. Question: Hi, is the price quoted as of today (including COE?). Because i was touring few shops yesterday and found RC200 at 15000 (including all & w/o insurance) at Loois motor. So wondering. I am 32yrs old and have 4+yrs of driving exp in singapore
    VP Apr-20-2016

    Answer: Hi VP, Thank you for your interest. For the KTM 200 RC, is currently selling at $19,400.00 OTR inclusive of 31 years old and above with minimum 1 year riding experience insurance coverage. Should you require any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me at 97678999 / 62925578 (Chang). Regards Chang

  1. Question: hi. can i know how much do i have to pay for my insurance and downpayment? ive just got my class 2b and im 19 years old
    solihin Oct-03-2016

    Answer: HI Solihin, Do contact Ben / Jordan 63415378 for more details. Thank you Daphne 62925578

  1. Question: Hi..I would like to do a trade in with my bike Yamaha r15 v2. Coe expire 2024. How much will u take in? And how much do I need to top up to buy this rc200?
    Muhd Azahari Oct-07-2016

    Answer: Hi Azahari, Do contact Jordan / Ben 63415378 for more details. Thank you Daphne 62925578

  1. Question: Hi there. Just wanna ask i thought ktm rc 200 comes with no abs braking system?
    Naim Jan-29-2017

    Answer: Hi Naim, Do contact Ben Lim 63415378 / 98688999 for more details. Thank you Daphne

  1. Question: Hi there! I am interested with the RC200 ! I am turning 19 very soon , and I just got my 2B license. I wonder, how much would my insurance cost me ? And hire purchase, how much for many months in total?
    Rayhan May-15-2017

    Answer: Thank you for the interest. Please contact (Roy) 86928999 for more information.

  1. Question: Hi there. I'm interested in getting the RC200. I was wondering if you currently have the 2017 model.
    AL-Khudaifi Chang May-29-2017

    Answer: Afternoon Chang, Please contact (JJ) 93268999 for assistance. Thank you.

  1. Question: Hi boss! Can i know where to get akrapovic full system for this bike? In singapore. Thanks!
    Amirul Jul-02-2017

    Answer: Morning Amirul, Only Akrapovic Slip-Ons are available for your bike model. Thank you. (Izz)92278999

  1. Question: How much is the servicing for RC200
    Tom Aug-16-2017

    Answer: Afternoon Tom, I've attached below our servicing packages of KTM Duke/Rc for your reference. Thank you. (Izz)92278999

  1. Question: Hi there, may I know which aftermarket exhaust (road legal) that you have available for RC200?
    Lee Young Dec-20-2017

    Answer: Hi Lee Young, You can contact Zul at 9070 8999 for available choices. Thank you. Felicia (8717 8999)

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