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Honda CB190R Red

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Brand: Honda

Bike Code: H-CB190RR

Our Price:
SGD$ 12000.00 w/GST
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  1. Question: Hi. I am 21, just got my 2b license recently. May i know how much is the minimum down payment required, cost of topping up insurance premium and installment for let's say 4years?
    syasya Dec-16-2016

    Answer: Hi Syasya, thank you for your interest in our bike. Currently we are selling at $14,300.00 OTR inclusive of insurance coverage for age 31 years old and above with minimum 1 year riding experience. Base on your age and new licence, you will need to top up a $640.00 for the insurance difference. Minimum down payment will be $2,785.00. Monthly installments for 4 years will be $304.00. If you do need further assistance, you may contact me (BENJAMIN) at 9868 8999 / 6341 5378. Thank you.

  1. Question: Hi I am 32 this year I've been riding since 2008 may I know how much do I have to pay for the down payment and how much is the monthly installment for 48mth
    NOR AIZAD May-29-2017

    Answer: Afternoon Aizad, Please contact (Roy) 86928999 for assistance. Thank you.

  1. Question: Looking for bike below 400cc Sports model preferred any brand ok. Call me 96725451
    Magesh Jun-13-2018

    Answer: Afternoon Sir, JJ (93268999) had replied you via email. Thank you.

  1. Question: Hi, i am looking to trade in my r15 v2 for this honda cb150r .. my coe still left 6 yrs.. just want to know how much i still need to pay after i trade in my r15v2
    ONG LINGXIANG Feb-15-2019

    Answer: Afternoon Sir, Please contact (JJ) 93268999 / (Sue) 87178999 for more information. Thank you.

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