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Honda CB125E COE Expiry – 09/02/2022

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Brand: Honda

Bike Code: FBF9733D

Our Price:
SGD$ 6500.00 w/GST
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  1. Question: I understand that prices for new bikes come with Insurance coverage, COE, Registration Fees, 6 months Road Tax and IU Unit. Same for used bikes? Whats the warranty period for new and used? Both can be test-driven? What other costs for new and used? Assembly, admin, etc. Want to get an idea of the out the door price.
    Yvonne Jun-14-2016

    Answer: Hi Yvonne, thank you for your interest in our bike. For our used bike will be provided with a 1 month warranty excluding wear and tear parts. New bike will normally coming with 1 year warranty. Unfortunately buy a bike, we will not be able to let you test ride as insurance doesn't covers but we can offer you our rental service if you wish to test ride. For our selling prices, we do not have any hidden cost & admin fees etc. Only for used bike pricing is excluding a insurance premium.If you need further assistance, you may contact me (BENJAMIN) at 9868 8999 / 6341 5378. Thank you.

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